The Corrosion and protection Laboratory has a specialty on the teaching and research in the areas of

          1) Corrosion & protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including stainless steels, super alloys & Ti alloys

          2) Alloy Design and Development of high corrosion resistant and bio-materials

          3) Corrosion Control of some materials of energy system including power plants and chemical plants

          4) Corrosion in Electronics including packagings


 The Corrosion and protection Laboratory has many instruments to evaluate corrosion properties and others ;
: EG&G(Model 273A), AC impedance system, Autoclave, Optical Microscope, Mobile Videoscope ,

  High Speed cutter(Struers Unitom-2) , Band Saw(KDBS 200), Low Speed cutter(Struers Minitom) , Electric Furnace(Air, Vacuum and Gas condition),

  Vacuum Drying Oven(Precision), Constant Temp & Humidity Chamber, Polisher(Struers Rotopol-25), Vibator Polisher(V・P-1003), Auto Polisher

  (Struers LaboPol-5)Electric Polisher(Struers LectroPol-5), Rockwell Hardness, Gamry(Model DC 105), Electrochemical Impedance measurement :

  Gamry(Model EIS 300), Chemical Corrosion Resistance [CPT, CCT, Corrosion Rate] Tester, Stress Corrosion Cracking(SCC) Resistance Measurements :

  SCC test on High Temperatur and High Pressure(Auto Clave), CERT, Tensile Tester, Mini-Barrel Electroplating Unit, Hull Cell Electroplating Unit, Electroless

  Plating Unit, Electronic Balanc (open-type, close-type), Electromagnetic Stirrer/Hot Plate, Ultrasonic cleaner, Spot Welder, soldering, pH Meter,

  Conductivity & Salinity Meter, Corrosion monitoring system, Spray Tester, Water Purification System, Power Supply & Power Source Meter,

 Thermo-Controller, Deep Drawing Unit, Glove box ,  Drykeeper, Fume Hood, Multimeter


The Corrosion and protection Laboratory has many Korean and international patents

        1) Japan Patent 2826974 ; 耐蝕性 テュフレックスステヨレス 

        2) USA Patent 6048413(China, EU) ; Duplex stainless steel with high corrosion resistance

        3) Korea Patent 0153877 ; Duplex stainless steel with high corrosion resistance

        4) Korea Patent 0215727 ; 시그마상 형성이 억제된 고내식성 듀플렉스 스테인리스강

        5) Korea Patent 0263770 ; 공식 저항성이 향상되고 시그마상의 형성이 억제된 페라이트계 스테인리스강

        6) Korea Patent 0263769 ; 내산성 및 공식 저항성이 우수한 고크롬 주철

        7) Korea Patent 0405590 ; 유무선 통신 시스템을 통한 부식과 방식상태의 원격 점검 및 제어시스템

        8) Korea Patent 0418973 ; 내공식성이 우수한 저몰리브데늄 함유 오스테나이트계 스테인리스강

        9) Korea Patent 0445246 ; 공식저항성이 우수한 고니켈 2상 스테인리스강