Microstructure Observation

Optical Microscope    Portable Videoscope

Cutting Machines

High Speed cutter     Low Speed cutter       

Furnace and Chamber

Electric Furnace       Vacuum Drying Oven       Constant Temp & Humidity Chamber

Polishing Machines

Polisher       Vibration Polisher       Auto Polisher       Electric Polisher

Hardness measurement

Rockwell Hardness Tester   

Corrosion Test

Potentiostat   EIS    Chemical Corrosion Test   CERT   Autoclave   Salt Spray Tester

Electroplating Equipments

Mini-Barrel Electroplating Unit       Hull Cell Electroplating Unit       Electroless Plating Unit


Electronic Balance  


Electromagnetic Stirrer/Hot Plate

Cleaning Equipment

Ultrasonic cleaner


Spot Welder, soldering

Water Chemistry

pH Meter       Conductivity & Salinity Meter  

Corrosion Control Equipments

Corrosion monitoring and monitoring system      

The others

Water Purification System       Glove box       Drykeeper       Fume Hood       Multimeter